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The mission of New Church Audio is to preserve New Church audio recordings, and make them available to those who desire to listen and learn more about the Lord's Word and applying its truths to their daily lives.

New Church Audio is a program of The New Church, an international Christian organization.

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  • Messages from Heaven

    Presentation - 18 Apr, 1998

    Introduction: Rev. Jeremy Simons Moderator: Louise Rose Panel: Louise Rose - In 1964 Louise and her husband Frank lost their sixth child, Charles, at the age of two hours, and they both have had communication with him. Louise trained at the Interfaith Pastoral Counseling Center and leads grief recovery groups and healing services for those who have lost children before birth, at birth, or after birth. Gray Glenn - and her husband Dale's three-year old daughter, Bethany, was killed in a car accident in 1983. Bethany's relationship with her family did not end with her death. Gray will tell us about this source of inspiration in her life. Brian Gunther - will talk about the death of his six-week-old daughter who passed away from SIDS in 1990, the impact that this event had on his dreams and experiences, and also how close he feels to his daughter still. Judy Cosgrove - is a bereaved parent who lost her son, Michael, at age 24 in 1992 from suicide. She has been a member of The Compassionate Friends, Inc. since 1992. She will tell us of the healing she has experienced from Michael's communications with her other son since Michael's death. (Comments and Questions follow program) Celebration of Little Angels. | By Louise Rose, Bryn Athyn Society Building

  • Becoming a Wisewoman

    Workshop - 31 Mar, 1995

    | By Louise Rose, Bryn Athyn Elementary School

  • Marriage Into the Next Century

    Panel Discussion - 26 Nov, 1994

    Speakers: Frank & Louise Rose, Bob & Peggy Merrell, Lach & Dorothy Brown | By Louise Rose, Bryn Athyn Heilman Hall

  • Building a Solid Relationship

    Workshop - 25 Nov, 1994

    Workshop / lecture lead by Frank and Louise Rose. Note: Lots of audience participation, - some difficult to hear. | By Louise Rose, Bryn Athyn Heilman Hall

  • Woman as Heart

    Workshop - 30 Nov, 1991

    | By Louise Rose, Bryn Athyn Elementary School

  • Spiritual Growth Groups for Newcomers

    Mini-session - 14 Jun, 1991

    | By Louise Rose, Carthage College

  • Spiritual Growth Groups

    Mini-session - 13 Jun, 1991

    Speakers: Frank & Louise Rose. Note: Session was for those already participating in a group. Discussing the future of groups. | By Louise Rose, Carthage College

  • Meditations

    Meditation - 1 Jan, 1990

    | By Louise Rose, Tucson, AZ

  • Introduction to Spiritual Growth Groups

    Lecture - 31 Aug, 1989

    Lecture given by Frank & Louise Rose. Talk begins at minute 14:35, followed by a meditation with lots of background noise and hammering. | By Louise Rose, Sunrise Camp, NJ

  • Eleven Guided Meditations

    Meditation - 15 Jan, 1989

    CD Track times: 1-10:46 2-11:05 3-15:15 4-4:44 5-4:40 6-6:01 7-5:08 8-5:14 9-4:41 10-4:35 11-4:33 | By Louise Rose, Tucson, AZ

1 - 10 of 13