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The mission of New Church Audio is to preserve New Church audio recordings, and make them available to those who desire to listen and learn more about the Lord's Word and applying its truths to their daily lives.

New Church Audio is a program of The New Church, an international Christian organization.

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  • Healing Hurting Relationships - The Lord's Forgiveness

    Worship Service: Childrens Talk & Adult Sermon - 11 Oct, 2015

    Healing a hurting relationship is a journey through forgiveness to reconciliation. That journey is a spiritual process that demands a reliance on the Lord God Jesus Christ and brings toward spiritual maturity. | By Derrick Lumsden, Sarver, PA

  • When Will the Lord's Joy Come to Me?

    Worship Service: Sermon only - 6 Sep, 2015

    Many people are waiting for some future time when they will finally start to feel the Lord's joy, when, in reality, His joy is already all around us, there for us to experience. | By Garry Walsh, Phoenix, AZ

  • The Demons We Face Along the Way

    Worship Service: Sermon only - 30 Aug, 2015

    This message reflects on how we all have demons that we need to fight, and how the Lord with His love and power is always there to fight those demons and take them away from us. | By Garry Walsh, Phoenix, AZ

  • The Lord in the Midst of our Stormy Seas

    Worship Service: Sermon only - 16 Aug, 2015

    There can be times when we find the equivalent of a storm at sea blowing through our life. In those difficult times it is good to remember that the Lord is All-Loving, All-Wise, All-Powerful, and always there for us. | By Garry Walsh, Phoenix, AZ

  • Gideon Part 1 - Weakness and Strength – You Mighty Man of Valour

    Worship Service: Childrens Talk & Adult Sermon - 9 Aug, 2015

    This week we begin a three-week series on the story of Gideon, one of the Judges of Israel. This week, we hear about his startling call: an angel appeared to him, called him a mighty man of valour, and told him he would rescue Israel from their enemies. The problem? Gideon was the youngest son in an unimportant family, and didn't feel much like a mighty man at all. And yet - God chose him to conquer the enemy. In our own lives: how does God transform our weakness into power? How can we see ourselves as mighty men and women of valour when we know from experience just how weak we are? | By Coleman S. Glenn, Westville, RSA

  • Finding a New Innocence

    Worship Service: Sermon only - 2 Aug, 2015

    This message is for those who feel like their innocence has been lost. The Lord offers His reassurance that He is gently leading you into a new type of innocence, which is angelic innocence. | By Garry Walsh, Phoenix, AZ

  • Those Who Are With Us

    Worship Service: Sermon only - 2 Aug, 2015

    The prophet Elisha and his servant were surrounded by a huge enemy army. It seemed hopeless - until Elisha prayed to the Lord and the servant's eyes were opened to see the angelic army that vastly outnumbered the enemy. When we feel alone, how can our eyes be opened to the reality that "those who are with us are more than those who are against us"? | By Coleman S. Glenn, Westville, RSA

  • Exposing the Lie

    Worship Service: Sermon only - 2 Aug, 2015

    How do we gain control of our lives in the face of strong destructive feelings? | By Erik Buss, Bryn Athyn Cathedral

  • The Parable of the Talents

    Worship Service: Childrens Talk & Adult Sermon - 12 Jul, 2015

    Our sermon this Sunday focuses on the parable of the talents. In English, a "talent" means a skill or ability, but in Biblical times it was a very valuable coin. The parable describes two "good and faithful" servants who use their master's coins well and make more for him, and a bad servant who buries the talent entrusted to him. Those "talents" symbolise more than just our natural skills and abilities - they represent a kind of spiritual treasure that we are called to use wisely. So, what does it mean to use our "talents" as good and faithful servants? | By Coleman S. Glenn, Westville, RSA

  • The Prodigal Son

    Worship Service: Childrens Talk & Adult Sermon - 5 Jul, 2015

    The parable of the Prodigal Son tells the story of a young man leaving his father's house, wasting all that he had, returning to his father, and finding forgiveness. How are we like that prodigal son, and what does it mean for us to find our way back to our Father's house again and again? | By Coleman S. Glenn, Westville, RSA