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The mission of New Church Audio is to preserve New Church audio recordings, and make them available to those who desire to listen and learn more about the Lord's Word and applying its truths to their daily lives.

New Church Audio is a program of The New Church, an international Christian organization.

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  • Let Us Go up to the Mountain of the Lord

    Worship Service: Childrens Talk & Adult Sermon - 17 May, 2015

    3 lessons, children's talk and sermon Reading: Judges 11:29-40 Children's talk: Vow only to do the Lord's will. Readings: 1 Kings 12:26-33; Apocalypse Explained 391:29 Sermon: Going up to Jerusalem to worship is going up to doctrine from the Word, which makes natural goodness spiritual. | By Kenneth Alden, Boynton Beach, FL

  • Friendship

    Worship Service: Family (may include music) - 10 May, 2015

    What role does friendship play in our love for the neighbor? How are we to be a genuine friend? Hymn from the 11 AM service substituted for the closing hymn because of Copyright. | By Brian Keith, Bryn Athyn Cathedral

  • Forgiveness

    Worship Service: Sermon only - 12 Apr, 2015

    Then Peter came to Him and said, "Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? Up to seven times?" Jesus said to him, "I do not say to you, up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven" (Matthew 18:21-22) | By Erik Buss, Bryn Athyn Cathedral

  • My Walk with the Lord Part 5 - Gathering Together (Partial Recording)

    Worship Service: Childrens Talk & Adult Sermon - 15 Mar, 2015

    The Lord gathers us into a community, and we are supported and get spiritual life from the Lord through that community. We as a community have to follow the Lord so that the community can be full of His presence and love. (Partial Recording due to technical difficulties) | By Derrick Lumsden, Sarver, PA

  • You Were Created to be Useful

    Worship Service: Family (may include music) - 8 Mar, 2015

    The Lord wants us to know that He has created each of us with the capability of becoming angels who will be able to do a special job or role in heaven better than anyone has done it or ever could do it. How do we prepare to fulfill this role? Offertory replaced with hymn from the adult service because the former was copyright protected. | By Eric Carswell, Bryn Athyn Cathedral

  • The Prodigal Son

    Worship Service: Sermon only - 1 Mar, 2015

    In the story of the Prodigal Son, we see a beautiful example of the Lord's love and kindness for each one of us. | By Thomas Kline, Bryn Athyn Cathedral

  • Living in the Present

    Worship Service: Sermon only - 22 Feb, 2015

    "Build houses and dwell in them.; plant gardens and eat their fruit. Take wives and beget sons and daughters; and take wives for your sons and give your daughters to husbands, so that they may bear sons and daughters-that you may be increased there, and not diminished. And seek the peace of the city where I have caused you to be carried away captive, and pray to the Lord for it; for in its peace you will have peace." (Jeremiah 29:5-7) | By Eric Carswell, Bryn Athyn Cathedral

  • Purposeful Living

    Worship Service: Sermon only - 15 Feb, 2015

    'The word of Jehovah came to him, and He said to him, "What are you doing here Elijah?"'(1 Kings 19:9) At times we make decisions based on what's in front of our faces. But we know that when we can make decisions intentionally we are far happier. | By Erik Buss, Bryn Athyn Cathedral

  • Sometimes We Tend the Flowers - At Other Times We Are a Flower

    Worship Service: Sermon only - 15 Feb, 2015

    This is a worship service in honor of caregivers. | By Garry Walsh, Phoenix, AZ

  • Mindfulness

    Doctrinal Class - 11 Feb, 2015

    A four class series | By Erik Buss, Bryn Athyn Choir Hall