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The mission of New Church Audio is to preserve New Church audio recordings, and make them available to those who desire to listen and learn more about the Lord's Word and applying its truths to their daily lives.

New Church Audio is a program of The New Church, an international Christian organization.

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  • That Your Joy May Be Full

    Worship Service: Childrens Talk & Adult Sermon - 8 Jan, 2017

    The Lord desires us to have complete joy in our lives. We get this joy by remaining in the Lord, remaining in His Commandments, and by loving others. We experience heavenly joy when charity and faith exist in action. And we grow spiritually we develop more capacity for charity and faith, and therefore joy. [Apologies about the sound quality] | By Derrick Lumsden, Sarver, PA

  • Christmas - Coming of Peace

    Worship Service: Childrens Talk & Adult Sermon - 11 Dec, 2016

    God came down to bring you into a kingdom of peace. We enter the Lord's kingdom through choosing to follow Him as our King and Savior. | By Derrick Lumsden, Sarver, PA

  • Thanksgiving - Joy and Gladness

    Worship Service: Informal Family - 24 Nov, 2016

    The Word of the Lord is written with many pairs to describe to us joining together our head and our heart. When we read the Word we learn about what will make us happy. When we live it, the Lord gives us happiness. Thanksgiving is important as a reminder to think about the gifts of the Lord, then our heart can be joyful and our head can be glad. | By Derrick Lumsden, Sarver, PA

  • Hearing the Still Small Voice

    Worship Service: Sermon only - 20 Nov, 2016

    Are we open to hearing the still small voice of the Lord as He speaks to us? His voice is reaching out to us no matter our life circumstances. His words of comfort and guidance are constantly there if we take the time to stop and listen. | By Garry Walsh, Phoenix, AZ

  • Delight Yourself In the Lord

    Worship Service: Childrens Talk & Adult Sermon - 20 Nov, 2016

    The Lord challenges you to not become distressed about the evil of others but to stay focused on Him and delight in Him. If pay attention to our delights, we can see what we care about. And by choosing to delight in the Lord, we can receive His blessings and peace. | By Derrick Lumsden, Sarver, PA

  • Hidden Happiness

    Worship Service: Childrens Talk & Adult Sermon - 20 Nov, 2016

    Sunday School Service - Children's Talk Title - Seeing The LORD In Heaven 1st Lesson: Matthew 17: 1-9 2nd Lesson: Matthew 16: 21-28; John 16: 16-23, 31-32 3rd Lesson: Heaven And Hell 401 | By Lawson Smith, Kempton, PA

  • Faith, The Vessel of Love

    Worship Service: Childrens Talk & Adult Sermon - 6 Nov, 2016

    This week we turn to the parable of the wise and foolish maidens. The Lord tells us that the kingdom of heaven is like being a wise maiden who brings extra oil with her so that if her lamp runs out, she will be ready. Oil represents love, but what does it mean to bring extra love, just in case? You can't have "extra love;" it isn’t a commodity, like oil. The Lord tells us that the key to having love is to also have faith. | By Pearse Frazier, Sarver, PA

  • I Never Deserted You

    Worship Service: Childrens Talk & Adult Sermon - 16 Oct, 2016

    Why can't we just choose to love what's good and attain it without having to battle for it? The internal sense of the story of the older son in the Prodigal Son story gives the answer, and gives us serious encouragement. | By Rt. Rev. Peter Martin Buss, Sr. , Westville, RSA

  • Taking Proper Care of Ourselves

    Worship Service: Sermon only - 9 Oct, 2016

    In Luke 14 the Lord's words can make it seem as if we should hate the other members of our families, as well as ourselves. In reality He is telling us that we should hate the fact that we have negative tendencies like selfishness or perhaps self-pity. The Lord want us to work with Him to move away from the influence of these things and to start more fully enjoying His peace of mind and happiness. | By Garry Walsh, Phoenix, AZ

  • Thoughts on Humility

    Worship Service: Sermon only - 2 Oct, 2016

    Here are a few brief thoughts regarding the value of becoming truly humble. | By Garry Walsh, Phoenix, AZ