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The mission of New Church Audio is to preserve New Church audio recordings, and make them available to those who desire to listen and learn more about the Lord's Word and applying its truths to their daily lives.

New Church Audio is a program of The New Church, an international Christian organization.

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  • Life Before Death

    Worship Service: Childrens Talk & Adult Sermon - 10 May, 2015

    On Sunday we begin a two-part series on dying, death, and grief. This Sunday we will focus on life before death. What is the value and purpose of natural life? Why do some people die earlier than others? What comfort and perspective does the Lord offer in His Word to those who are approaching death or grieving the death of a loved one? Also, Being Mother's Day the childrens talk focuses on the value of parents and mother's in particular. | By Malcolm G. Smith, Westville, RSA

  • Be the Church 3 - Repenting of Evil and Serving Others

    Worship Service: Sermon only - 3 May, 2015

    We’ve been talking for the past two weeks about different essential aspects of being part of a church. This Sunday we’re talking about how those different aspects all come together and what the ultimate factor is that determines whether you’re part of the spiritual community that’s following the Lord or not. | By Malcolm G. Smith, Westville, RSA

  • Be the Church 1 – Worshipping the Lord & Caring in Community

    Worship Service: Childrens Talk & Adult Sermon - 19 Apr, 2015

    What is the purpose of church? What does it mean to be part of a church? Are churches still relevant in the 21st century? These are some of the questions that we're going to be digging into this Sunday and in the two weeks that follow. The church can be so much more than just a building you walk into; it can be something that changes your life. | By Malcolm G. Smith, Westville, RSA

  • What Would Love Do Wk 7 – Love Rejoices

    Worship Service: Childrens Talk & Adult Sermon - 22 Mar, 2015

    This Sunday we end our 7 week program with the same question that we asked at the beginning and throughout the program: what would love do? What is the loving thing to do for all the people we interact with in our lives with all their different needs and situations? And, as we try to push ourselves to become more loving, how do we not become worn out and jaded in the process? | By Malcolm G. Smith, Westville, RSA

  • What Would Love do -Wk 5 – Love Visits

    Worship Service: Sermon only - 8 Mar, 2015

    Continuing our series on the different ways we are called to love and serve other people (What Would Love Do?), this week we're focusing on how to help the sick. Being sick is awful and it can be hard to be around people who are sick or know how to help them. What does the Lord teach us about how to serve this obvious but difficult need? | By Malcolm G. Smith, Westville, RSA

  • What Would Love Do - Week 1 - Love Serves

    Worship Service: Childrens Talk & Adult Sermon - 8 Feb, 2015

    This Sunday we begin the What Would Love Do? program by talking about the different ways that we are called upon by the Lord to love and serve other people. This week we will particularly focus on how to serve the hungry - the physically hungry and the emotionally and spiritually hungry. | By Malcolm G. Smith, Westville, RSA

  • Fullness of Joy

    Worship Service: Informal Family - 1 Feb, 2015

    This Sunday we celebrate the founding of Kainon School. The theme for the service (which is based on the spiritual theme for the school year at Kainon) is “Fullness of Joy”. It sounds wonderful to be full of joy – we want that for ourselves and for those that we love – but is it possible to achieve in this world? | By Malcolm G. Smith, Westville, RSA

  • Understanding John 3:16

    Worship Service: Sermon only - 14 Dec, 2014

    John 3:16 is a key text for a lot of Christians in understanding why Jesus was born in the world. It says, “For God so loved the world, that He gave His Only-begotten Son, that everyone who believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life.” But how do we understand what is meant by this? Who is God? Who is His Only-begotten Son? What does it mean to believe in Him? Why will people who don’t believe in Him perish and not have eternal life? If we can find good answers to these questions we will have a much better understanding of the significance of Christmas. | By Malcolm G. Smith, Westville, RSA

  • Do Not Resist Evil, Part 4 – Worthlessness and Shame

    Worship Service: Sermon only - 30 Nov, 2014

    "You're absolutely worthless!" "I'm a useless piece of..." Do you ever hear these words--from other people or inside your own head? Are they true? Are you worthless? Or think about it the other way: if you are not worthless, why do you have worth? What makes you worthy? It's tricky to sort out. And dealing with feelings of worthlessness is even harder. But the Lord can help us to understand and deal with all of this, and differently from what we might expect. | By Malcolm G. Smith, Westville, RSA

  • Do Not Resist Evil 3 – Understanding and Responding to Fear

    Worship Service: Sermon only - 23 Nov, 2014

    What do you worry about? What are you scared of doing? How does fear or anxiety affect your behaviour and relationships? We all have to deal with fears of various kinds and, if we don’t deal with them appropriately, they can lead us to all sorts of unhealthy and dysfunctional behaviours. But, as we’ve already talked about with doubt and guilt, just pushing feelings of fear away doesn’t work. This Sunday we’ll talk about what the Lord teaches us about how to respond to fear. | By Malcolm G. Smith, Westville, RSA