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The mission of New Church Audio is to preserve New Church audio recordings, and make them available to those who desire to listen and learn more about the Lord's Word and applying its truths to their daily lives.

New Church Audio is a program of The New Church, an international Christian organization.

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  • The Doctrine of Genuine Truth: Open the Door to the Word

    Workshop - 6 Jun, 2005

    The basic truths a person needs in order to see the deeper truths in the Word are called the Doctrine of Genuine Truth. After discussing this doctrine, this presentation considers a few specific passages from Scripture to see what there is to discover. The presentation discusses correpondences and looks at objects and works of art to see how they illustrate and give life to the experience. Handout available-Deuteronomy 30:1-10 (blessings), 11-20 (curses) | By Goran Appelgren, Bryn Athyn Pendleton Hall

  • You're Already Good Enough

    Address - 28 Jan, 2005

    Speakers other suggested titles for this address are, "The Revelation of Shame", "Paradoxical Embrace of Eve and Ego" or "God is Omnipresent, So Why Are We Hiding From Each Other" or "You're Already Good Enough" | By Kara Tennis, Bryn Athyn Pendleton Hall

  • Nation Building Now and Then (Part 1-2)

    Address - 27 Mar, 2004

    Master: CD, 2 Tracks, 46:02 mins. total. Introductions by Dr. Dan Synnestvedt Part 1, Tk 1-Don Fitzpatrick 10:01 Tk 2-Lt. Col. Greg Rose 36:01 Recorded via remote mic. Poor sound quality | By Donald C Fitzpatrick Jr, Bryn Athyn Pendleton Hall

  • Nation Building Now and Then - Part 3

    Lecture - 27 Mar, 2004

    Master: CD. Please note: views expressed are the speaker's own and not those of the US government, his employer at the time of this talk. (Recorded via remote mic. Poor sound quality.) | By David Radcliffe, Bryn Athyn Pendleton Hall

  • The Unseen Imbalance

    Address - 1 Feb, 2003

    Introduction by Kara Tennis | By Beryl Simonetti, Bryn Athyn Pendleton Hall

  • Gifts

    Address - 9 Feb, 2002

    Women's Gathering 2002 | By Kara Tennis, Bryn Athyn Pendleton Hall

  • Thy Kingdom Come

    Address - 29 Sep, 2001

    | By , Bryn Athyn Pendleton Hall

  • Church Development in Russia and the Ukraine

    Talk - 29 Sep, 2001

    Address by Lenka Machova on the Czech Republic, followed by a slide presentation by Duncan Smith. | By Lenka Machova, Bryn Athyn Pendleton Hall

  • New Church Evangelization: An Overview

    Address - 29 Sep, 2001

    At Evangelization seminar. Low signal to noise. Some unintelligible portions have been cut. | By Anna Woofenden, Bryn Athyn Pendleton Hall

  • Top Ten Ways to Grow a Church

    Talk - 29 Sep, 2001

    | By Thomas Kline, Bryn Athyn Pendleton Hall

1 - 10 of 437